"Stepping into a green future for travel”

Here’s your green key to visiting Copenhagen and surrounding rural areas in a 50 km radius, all at your own pace, off the beaten track and infinitetly reachable by public transport – naturally.

Copenhagen wishes to be one of the first CO2 neutral capital cities in the world by 2025. The WWWalks app illustrates this with a green-goldmine of simple to understand, unique, socially-distanced and eco-friendly walking tours how this very sustainable country is leading the world.

Why’s it special to walk the WWWalk? No more plastic souvenirs of the Little Mermaid; you get to take home knowledge, ideas and a new vision of how you can be carbon-neutral and much kinder to the planet – the Danish way.

We’ll look at new possibilities for travellers by opening innovative new destinations both inside and outside of the city. Far removed from the jaded sightseeing tours by diesel bus, cruise ship or car. From battery-powered boats, to Michelin starred restaurants, thriving rural ecovillages, the cycling culture, organic cafes, green accomodation and permaculture farms. 

We believe in balance too, and the app also gives you a foundation in Danish social history, art, architecure, history, cuisine and popular culture.

Each of the three tours comes with an interactive geolocative map marked with stops where you can listen to specially researched audio stories, watch videos or enjoy photographs about buildings, landmarks, landscapes, incentives or historical figures. We’ll also give you recommendations on organic eateries, accomodation, cultural events and products.

“Go on, give it a gå!”

(Gå means walk in Danish)

Travel as we knew it is over

Copenhagen has in September 2021 been voted the most ‘sustainable’ in the world (and the ‘greenest’ in Europe) by locals in the 2021 Time Out Index survey. 
Visiting the city used to be all about the Little Mermaid; hygge, design, a cooler temperature, and a fascinating history. Global trends suggest that people are still inspired by all the above, but sadly the conventional travel industry has been responsible for an estimated 8% of all global emissions. Now is the time for Denmark to shine the light on how to travel here for longer and take home eco-friendly information as a souvenir.
The user-friendly WWWalks app comprises of a mountain of the latest information on worthy sustainability projects, and hands you and your family the green key to the future – which we’d like to share it with you on your vacation. The tours are unique and designed for walking to experience destinations using original and well-researched audio, great photos, and being gently guided by geolocations along the routes.
Founded, researched and dreamt-up in 2020 by British/Danish author, designer, and tour guide – Heather Gartside. The essence of her popular, original, eco and friendly take on visiting Denmark is just a free download away.

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The WWWalks app is filled with original multimedia content; audio, video and photography on a series of eco destinations in a 90 km radius of Copenhagen. The mission has been to inject the same originality, updated information, storytelling and entertainment value as you find with real life tours. With an emphasis on taking the path less travelled and open up a new sustainable routes both in the capital and in rural destinations for visitors and staycationers.


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There’s the Wonderful Wonderful Walks Copenhagen YouTube channel. Have you noticed how 99% of the information on visiting Copenhagen is pre 2020? We’re in the process of creating a collection of short videos of how to visit Copenhagen safely and in a sustainable way NOW.

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