Welcome to WWWalks

“Stepping into the green future for travel”

Founded in 2020 by British/Danish author, journalist, and tour guide – Heather Gartside. WWWalks blows the dust off history and offers a kiss of life to the future, with sustainable and very entertaining tours of the city of Copenhagen and nearby destinations in Denmark.

About WWWalks

Copenhagen ambitiously aims to become carbon neutral by 2025, one of the first capital cities in the world and 30 years ahead of other places – we have much in Denmark to be proud of and to teach the world.

Tourism as we knew it pre 2020 has disappeared. In it’s place a year in lockdown has seen the WWWalks team thinking out-of-the-box to create a collection of entertaining, socially-distanced and environmentally friendly alternatives with which to experience and travel to Denmark with. 

Visiting Copenhagen used to be all about the fairytale capital of the world;  hygge, design, a cooler temperature, no threat of terrorism and a fascinating history. From the summer of 2021 onwards global trends suggest that people are still inspired by all the above. But pre COVID-19 Copenhagen face colossal over tourism and now with rising concern for the environment travellers are also seeking ways in which to stay and travel safely and sustainably to destinations.

The essence of travel after all is to learn from other cultures. Soon curious, vaccinated and socially-distanced visitors to Denmark will desire to experience what we’ve had a flying start at developing since the 1970s in environmental advances such as the cycling culture, wind energy and pristine beaches. About learning how to reduce our carbon footprints, seeing small as beautiful and caretaking our natural world for our children and our childrens’ children. 

At it’s centre is the WWWalks Copenhagen app filled with original multimedia content; audio, video and photography. The mission has been to inject the same originality, storytelling and entertainment value as you find with real life tours. The emphasis has been to take the path less travelled and open up a new sustainable routes both in the capital and in rural destinations for visitors and staycationers.


There’s the Wonderful Wonderful Walks Copenhagen YouTube channel. Have you noticed how 99% of the information on visiting Copenhagen is pre 2020? We’re in the process of creating a collection of short videos of how to visit Copenhagen safely and in a sustainable way NOW.

Another exciting new venture that we’ve dived into in 2020, is live-streaming short walking tours around Copenhagen, and northern Sealand (Nordsjælland).  At present we’re working alongside Heygo with popular weekly live-broadcasts which a gaining a great following around the world. 

The original walking tours – with Heather at  Airbnb Experiences and TripAdvisor. Immensely popular in the ‘good old days’ when world tourists used to flock to Denmark for the fresh air, style, history, environmental cutting edge and to witness for themselves some of the happiest people in the world.