The WWW Copenhagen App

A new vision of taking a tour of Copenhagen
A new vision of taking a tour of Copenhagen

All systems are GO for WWW Copenhagen, with my “original, innovative and (very) entertaining” tour of Copenhagen at Airbnb and Tripadvisor – kicking off for a new season – for local visitors.

We have a problem though – it’s totally and utterly quiet for conventional tours of Copenhagen!

I am developing an app! Take a listen to the introduction:

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Wonderful Wonderful Walks Copenhagen Logo

After two months of filming, photographing, recording the audio, researching and writing a 17,000 word text, the WWW Copenhagen app is nearing completion.

Wonderful Wonderful Walks Copenhagen offers visions of this fascinating and progressive city and country like no other. This handy application presents you self-guided walks which are beautifully written, researched, photographed and narrated by author Heather Gartside.

The mission is to breathe new life, new material and a fresh take on the past 900 years of Danish history, while simultaneously bringing present day innovations, society and values sharply into focus. The in-depth information is presented through entertaining video footage, detailed and easy-listening soundtracks, musical interludes and through rich storytelling to describe the people, passions, food and events which make this sustainable, happy and well-designed country and capital city such a great place to both visit and be part of.

Taking a WWW Copenhagen app tour now includes all the fun, magic and information which Heather’s physical tours successfully gave to visitors over the past eight years – just distilled, refined and presented for you to take with you at your own pace.

Heather Gartside

Heather works as a tour designer, she’s also published two novels, is a photographer, designer, journalist, public speaker and art teacher. She lives in Copenhagen with her three children and Jack Russell dog, who accompanies her wherever she goes.

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Heather in action filming in the city

Please follow my Wonderful Wonderful Walks Copenhagen Facebook page for the upcoming launch date and party in July. This summer and in the future you’ll be able to take a charming tour without me, laugh your head of all over this great city with your family and friends, and learn so much about what is under our noses, feet and around us in, erhm – Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen!

How good is that?

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