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Wonderful Wonderful – I realise that younger people won’t have a clue about the 1950s movie, Hans Christian Andersen. But Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen although corny these days is such a cracking song, and so catchy I felt that I’d name my tours after it. 

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen – The inspiration for the name of my tours

Golden Nuggets – Although I’m not from the 1950s, this sojourn in Denmark is my longest yet. Over several years I’ve spent many a long, dark Danish winter researching and digging up the juicy historical and contemporary details about Denmark and the Danes that make all the difference to my storytelling. It’s the human stories behind the facades of this beautiful northerly city that are the gold dust, and something that I’d like to share – and spare you all the hours of research by flickering candle and pavement pounding (on the ancient stones) that I’ve accumulated. 

The Mission of WWWalks Copenhagen – is to breathe new life into the past 900 years of rollicking Danish history and bring the present day sharply into focus. In the process, after years of grumbling about the weather, I’ve inadvertently fallen for this place, which is good news for my three children and dog. This enthusiasm, love, knowledge and admiration of this place is what I’d like to share with you.

Great Danes – You can expect correct social distancing procedures, great exercise, rich storytelling, well-researched information and a lot of fun! On these tours we’ll delve too beyond the flashy statistics, and try to get to grips with understanding a little more the national psyche. We’ll discover how the Danes cope with the chronic darkness of the winter months, when the sun staggers up at 9:00 and then gradually fades away at 15:00. We’ll hear about all the boozing, candle burning and flag waving, also the brilliant environmental efforts which leave this air so fresh, the passion for bicycling, divorcing, and the ever popular royal family. You’ll get to see the sights too.

A Year to Remember – The concept of taking a trip to experience the sights has taken a hammering in 2020, I’ve adapted my tours accordingly and have come up with an out-of-the-box alternative to a conventional walking tour (below). But like the blue sky beyond the fluffy Danish clouds, the Copenhagen and Denmark of today is thriving and shining the light on what the future for capital cities around the world could become. Let me show you all the treasure.

There’s new options for taking my lovely tours:

  1. My original, innovative, environmental and entertaining walking tours – with me!
  2. My original, innovative, environmental and entertaining walking tours – using my new WWWalks Copenhagen app
  3. Soon… there will be a Wonderful Wonderful Guide book to Copenhagen
  4. and WWW Copenhagen merchandise.

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