WWWalks App

WWWalks Copenhagen was born in July 2020 – and I think that the app captures and distills all the nutty charm, vision, sensitivity, and beauty that my visitors always really enjoyed. Wonderful Wonderful Walks Copenhagen blows the dust off history and offers a kiss of life to the future, with sustainable and very entertaining tours of the fabulous city. In many ways it resembles a rollicking historical movie, with the audience a key player as they move from stage to stage around this fascinating, ancient, and worthwhile destination.

You can find the app at the Appstore or at Google Play

The bold, beautiful and thoroughly entertaining WWWalks app

You can either take the tour with friends, family or alone in the city. Optionally, from the comfort of your armchair wherever you are in the world! You’ll find music, audio, video, great photography and my original, well-researched and animated commentary.

I’m so proud of what it’s become and evolving into, she’s a beautiful baby! And the family is growing, with more sustainable tours in other less frequented and unusual parts of Copenhagen and the surrounding regions on the way.

Hours Always open
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